Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blue Indigo Bunting

This Blue Indigo has almost finished his molt and is showing how beautiful he will be.4.4.09 040       I’ve noticed that most of the “blues” are eating from the ground now. I don’t know if this is because the Painted Buntings rule the feeders or they just prefer ground feeding. It’s possible that some of the fallen seed has started to sprout. We’ve had some rain the last few days. I used to sprout seeds for my caged birds.

I don’t use any insect spray or weed spray….I certainly do not have a pretty lawn..but the birds like it and all the insects in and on it.

The Indigos, Painted Buntings and Cardinals all come in at the same time…talk about color..

4.1.09 014The Cardinals are usually the first birds to come in.  All of the smaller ones seem to take their cue from them.

This squirrel comes to the feeder out back. I put down a bit of whole corn, twice a day. The rabbits, raccoons , turkeys and squirrels usually clean that up …It’s given as a treat ..not for them to depend upon. The bits and pieces left are finished  by doves and Cardinals. This squirrel was waiting for the rabbit to leave.

4.4.09 013c


  1. We had a male cardinal this winter and female. We were so 14 year old daughter, who loves to watch birds, was screaming...scared the dickens out of me. LOL

  2. These are really great shots Carol. I captured an Inigo B this year but not as nicely as you.

    Craig Glenn

  3. beautiful birds!! Great colors, very well captured!!!


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