Monday, April 6, 2009


We have several Gray Catbirds that visit the birdbath.  They are a medium sized songbird. They normally come in when all the other birds are at the feeders. I’ve counted 6 in the jasmine bush…each waiting a turn at the water.

tearing down the block 022c They are a beautiful, warm shade of gray with a black cap on the top of their head…and the ends of the tail feathers. They flick their tails while sitting and sometimes you can see  the rust colored spot under their tails. 

I was surprised to see this squirrel come to the birdbath. It is the only one that does…but she is a regular at the area under the feeders….the first time I saw her on the bird bath…I assumed she was jumping to the feeders….she was….so I had to move them out of her reach.  She was drinking when I got the camera but saw me come to the window and posed for this instead. 4.5.09 Squirrels 002c Water can be very important during the winter..our dry period…during the summer ..the rains keep it full but it has to be cleaned on a regular basis so mosquitos do not breed there.

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