Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tiger Swallowtail

One of the biggest wingspans that come to our yard. Most of the Swallowtails are black with yellow or blue and they flutter their wings when feeding…not so the the Tiger Swallowtail. It sits there as if posing for pictures.


It has a beautiful yellow fuzzy body, with big eyes.


I believe the orange spots at the base of the blue indicate this is a male.


This Jatropha bush is always busy in the morning. Lots of Peacocks, Swallowtails, Monarchs, Queens, Gulf Fritillarys, Sulphurs, Zebra Longwings and even a Viceroy visit.

The only thing I have seen the Honeybees come to this bush for is the pollen.

Even the underside of the wings are beautiful.


Here’s a close up of the body …


I believe the Sweet Bay Magnolia is a larval plant. We do have some wild Magnolias behind the tractor barn but I cant get high enough to see if there are caterpillars on it.

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