Saturday, August 30, 2014

We have a tenant in the new bat house 8.29.14

I am not sure how long it’s been there. A week or so ago I was watching it around dusk, 8pm, and spotted a bat that seemed to come from nowhere…but couldn’t be sure. It happened again a few nights later so now I am really watching.

Night before last I went out to the shop..set up a fan to keep the skeeters at bay….sat on a bucket and watched the bat house. Sure enough…out dropped a bat. At the time I couldn’t tell which chamber it came from.

The outer chamber is 7/8 “  to attract the Big Brown Bat and the inner chamber is 3/4” to accommodate the Little Brown Bat and the Freetails.

I took this picture from the video and you can just see the little guy leaving the outer chamber….Big Brown?

bat leaving

And away it goes….

bat leaving 2

I did see two flying around a few nights ago but was so happy to get this video I didn’t stick around to see if there were more. I’ll keep watch tonight.

The chamber it picked to roost in is away from our screen room. That is why I was sitting in the shop.

Short video but you can see it leaving.

We are thrilled!!! Did not really expect to have anything move in till spring…sure hope it stays and brings friends.

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