Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our First Passion Flower 9.16.14

This is the first Passion Flower on our new vine. Isn’t it beautiful. Debbie has several on hers and it is full of buds.


I had 2 Gulf Fritillaries emerge this morning and I just released them. There are about 8 more Chrysalis in the Butterfly House and another 8 caterpillars.

They continue to amaze me. One day the will be pointing to the R and the next day to the L. I still haven’t been able to tell when they are going to emerge. I put little stickers with the date above each one as it pupates so I will have some idea. They do not seem to get crystal clear like the Monarchs and Queens. My first one emerged after 8 days but the next 2 took 10.


The Zebra Longwing caterpillars are starting to grow some. There are 3 or 4 that are almost 3/4 of an inch long now and showing the white with black spikes very plainly.


They should start doubling in size each time they shed their skin now. I don’t know if they take longer to mature than the Gulf Fritillaries or if it just seems like it since they are new to me. ….but seems like I’ve been waiting forever and they’ve a long way to go to Chrysalis…at least another week.

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