Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Zebra Longwing Chrysalis 9.23.14

The Zebra Longwing caterpillars are much more friendly to each other than either the Monarchs, Queens or Gulf Fritillaries. These seem to prefer being close together. There are 6 just in this one spot. (taken 9.18.14)


While I was taking pictures of the caterpillars a Gulf Fritillary started to emerge. I keep them in the same Butterfly House since the Passion Vine is the larval plant.


A few minutes later….


A few more…..the large abdomen contains fluid that is pumped into the wings.


It’s getting slimmer….


You can see the difference between the two bodies in this one. Both chrysalis in the picture had butterflies emerge the same day. You can see they are starting to get clear and lines in the wings are becoming visible in the one on the R.


Back to the Zebras.  I took this on 9.19.14         Getting bigger.


Took this on 9.22.14.


Yesterday I had one take the “J” formation on one of the vines.


Today it pupated. Pictures aren’t very good…maybe next one will be better. There are 7 others about the same size. Hopefully one will decide the top of the cage will do.

I did notice that it turned a light reddish brown before it pupated.


It is gradually “shrugging” it’s skin to the top where it will twist around until it throws it off.


Weird looking little thing.


I cut these pieces from a wild plant that grows along the road. While looking for tiny caterpillars or eggs I spotted this chrysalis.


I am glad I’m very careful when taking cuttings. I noticed this yesterday but thought it was a piece of dead leaf….a closer look today revealed it is a Zebra Longwing chrysalis.

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