Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Honeybee food….again…I don’t know what it is.

I’m trying to ride my bike everyday and increase the distance. Today my ride took me past some pretty blue flowers. Lots! of pretty blue flowers.


They are growing in a tree farm that has been left alone for quite awhile.

The bees are working it.


There are many bunches of this flower that is 5’ or 6’ high and, in this case, 20’ wide. Some even grows up into other bushes or trees. The light colored bush to the R is the one I asked about a few posts back. Don’t know what that is either but it is also being worked by the Honeybees.


Here are some closer looks….from buds to blooms. It’s very pretty and much more blue than the pictures show.


If you know what it is…leave me a comment.


It is less than a mile from my hives….in a “bee line”.

It looks like it is spreading. There are several patches in the tree farm and much more along the sides of the canal.

It’s close enough to us for the bees in our hives…but I think I’ll dig up a bit and plant it along our road for next year.



  1. It looks a lot like Aster that grows abundantly in Pennsylvania.

    1. Thanks...I hope so. I have a neighbor that has alot of this growing wild and he gave me permission to dig some up. I now have about 10 plants around the yard...sure hope they spread.


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