Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It looks like Bee food 10.8.13

I haven’t been able to find out what this bush is…but today I saw a few blooms open…


And a few Honeybees were working it.



10.9.13  Wed.

They are gathering pollen from them too. I check them everyday to see what is going on. Today it looks like there are little yellow stamens on the flowers…and the bees are gathering pollen.


Now I need to see if my hives are bringing in yellow pollen…if they are…I know where they are getting it.

White: Skunk Vine      Orange: Pepper Bush    Yellow: ?? bush down the road. 

Of course that is not necessarily true…there are so many other vines and plants blooming right now that I can’t be positive…but it’s a start.


I may not know what this bush is….but if the bees like it….I love it!

I remodeled the bee hives…I was calling them “left” and “right”…Jim liked “one” and “two”….so now they are “pink” and “blue”


My view from the porch. It’s a “jungle” out there…


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