Monday, October 14, 2013

Bees working the bushes 10.14.13

I know…’re probably sick of looking at Honeybees…but I’m not.

The bushes are really starting to bloom and the bees are working them hard.

You can see the difference in the budding and blooming. There are 3 stages in this picture. On the L they are budding but not open yet…the middle has been open for a few days. That is where most of my pictures were taken. The R is just starting.


This is the light colored middle bush.


These first few pictures were taken in the morning.



I took this after lunch.


I took this snapshot out of the video. You can see two colors of pollen. The orange is most likely Brazilian Pepper (Pepper bush) and the yellow from the plant above. Still don’t know what it is.


I have noticed that the bees with the lighter yellow seem to be carrying more. They could be more experienced foragers or the pollen grains are lighter than the orange and they are able to carry more.

Here they come….

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