Friday, October 4, 2013

Honeybees are working 10.4.13

The Pepper Bush (Brazilian Pepper Tree) is in full bloom.022cs

I thought all the Skunk Vine had given out but when I was looking around the yard to see what the bees were working …I heard a loud humming overhead and found 2 more big patches of Skunk Weed in the trees and they were loaded with Honeybees. You can see how close it is to the hives. (white box in the lower center, second hive behind green plant.) So they don’t have far to travel. Jim spotted this patch.001sm

It’s pretty …but invasive.


I rode my bike down the road to see if the bush I posted about yesterday..was in bloom. It’s not..but the bees were working the Spanish Needle. Another weed that can spring up everywhere. We don’t cut it because the Butterflies and Honeybees like it. Once it quits blooming we’ll cut it back but it will be there for them next year.


This yellow flower (primrose family?) grows on a tall bush. Some of them are 5’ or 6’ tall. Lots of them down the road side.


If you know what this is…let me know. Sure grows like a weed.


This gives you a better look at the plant.


I noticed Honeybees on this plant at the nursery…so I bought 2 in the spring. Little $5 plants…now look at them. This one might be 5’ across. A hard rain lays the branches down and more grow and the process repeats until you have this nice full plant.


I have them where they get condensation from the porch roof.


I forget the name but is in the Salvia family.

The Honeybees like it so well….I have 4 more about half this size.


Lots of little purple flowers.


They don’t have a perfume smell…more like sage.


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