Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interesting day 3.18.13

I could hear a tap tap tapping on the tree out front. It was a Pileated Woodpecker, the one that was the inspiration for “Woody the Woodpecker”. 

See how fast he can peck a hole in a piece of a Cabbage Palm.

Then I decided to go out and do a pollen count. The Langs hive has been bringing in more pollen than the TBH.

I spotted 2 dead red ants on the TBH so opened the observation window to check inside.  Several ants! and they were big red ones. Some almost 1/2 inch long.

Many were behind the follower board that separates the section of the hive the bees are starting in. As they build I will move it farther to the rear to give them more bars to build comb on.

I got a wet paper towel and removed the bars so I could squish ants. Once I got all of them out I could still see several in the front half,  so I moved a few bars and got them. Bees didn’t mind at all.

I lifted the cover on the Langs and there were a dozen or more running around on the inner cover. I had covered it with screen so they were not able to get inside from there.

I put a porch on the front of the Langs and have not seen them bring out any dead ants so I’ll leave them alone until I do.

The TBH was bringing in more pollen than yesterday.


I got these within a minute.


They still aren’t bringing in as much as those in the Langs.

Got this one by accident. My camera is so slow that by the time it takes the photo the bee is already inside…so just started snapping away.  Love these in flight shots.


While I was sitting there the “kids” came out. I was sitting so still they never knew I was there until I moved and then they were off like a shot.


Except for the ants it was a great day for wildlife. We’ve watched these two raccoons from the first time their mother brought them out.

In this video you can see how close they were to the area I was sitting in. Part way thru you can hear the call of the Pileated Woodpecker, and his tap tap tapping.

Lots of bees in the TBH…but they do not seem as active as the Langs. Hope that doesn’t mean there is no Queen.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Living up north in PA, it's a real treat to hear and see the birds and the green grass!


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