Thursday, March 21, 2013

3.20.13 Swarm is still here

It rained for a little while last night so I went out about 4 am and checked the hive stand….no ants. Guess they don’t like Jim’s grease.

The swarm is still in the tree behind the hive.

It rained again this morning…and quite hard but not for very long. But it was cool. They are in a tight cluster. It’s almost 4:30 pm and a little sun is filtering thru the trees, but I don’t see much activity. A few scouts out and about. Some even checking their old home.


This is how they looked yesterday when they moved the first time. I originally said this was a 60’ tree but I think it is taller.


It was interesting to watch it continually change shape. Then it moved to the tree it is in now.


a little later….


They are beginning to tighten the cluster.


The tree is too tall to get to with a ladder , and I can see no way to get them on this little limb even if I were to climb up. They need to move a lot lower before we can get them or just make it easy on us and move back into their hive or the little swarm catcher hive.

Late afternoon they are still here…guess they’ll spend the night in the tree. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. I am glad they are in your tree and not ours. I am allergic to bee stings! Interesting how the shape changes though. Have a good weekend Diane


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