Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Robins…….it must be Winter

In the North, when the Robins return you know it is spring. Here in FL, when the Robins return you know it is Winter.

We’ve seen several flocks in the tops of the trees. We used to have hundreds feeding in the Pepper bush, but most of those froze 2 winters ago and havn’t come back yet. It is a very invasive plant and although we love having the birds..it isn’t worth it to have them spread the seeds.

This morning I noticed a few in the yard….it wasn’t long before there were several bathing in the Raccoons watering hole.


I put this one on the ground near the pit I put my compost in so the Raccoons wouldn’t have to come to the bird bath.

Look at the Robin on the R side of the picture. He must be the lookout.


There were more in the trees waiting for a turn. Hope they come back tomorrow. Looks like I will need to refill the bath when they are done.


A short video of them bathing. Hope they hang around and clean the yard of insects.


  1. Great pictures of the robins. I haven't been here for a long while, but I hope all is well with you and your family. Merry Christmas.

  2. Great photos your Robin looks nothing like the Robins we have wishing you a happy new year


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