Sunday, December 2, 2012

Painted Buntings are back

A few have been coming to the feeder for a month now.


It’s hard to get good pictures. The feeders are in the back yard on a 12’ pole. I can see the birds while I enjoy my morning coffee by the fire (wood stove) in the sun/screen room. What is really nice about winter in FL….I can have a fire overnight and by 10am I have all the doors and windows open.

Unfortunately, the least bit of movement can send them flying into the Bottlebrush bush next to the feeders. I keep the lower limbs of the bush cut about 4’ above ground so nothing can hide under them.


The pole is pvc to prevent the raccoons, squirrels and cats from climbing it.

They usually start coming in just as it is getting light out. The first bird I see is the male Cardinal. Then the male bunting.


So far, the most I’ve seen at one time is 2 male buntings and 2 green buntings. The green can either be female or juvenile males. Before they leave in April the green males will have molted and show their new pretty colors.

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  1. I have gray juncos, gray chickadees, gray nuthatches, gray/brown Eurasian collared-doves, gray/greenish goldfinches, I am so jealous of that COLOR on your feeder!


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