Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eastern Phoebe

It’s may be hard to believe….but I started this blog because of the Painted Buntings that were coming to my feeders. I was so intrigued by their beautiful colors that I had to share them…….from there I’ve gone to anything living in our little space in the hammock.

This Eastern Phoebe has been hanging around for a couple of weeks. In the past I saw it only once. Now I am watching it catch insects near the boat…off the awning of the camper and flying down to scoop them up in the yard.011cs

The Brazillian Pepper trees are blooming and they are buzzing with Honey Bees. I hope we have enough insects to keep it away from them.012cs

Since we use no insect sprays in our area…..we probably have plenty.013cs

As you can see….most of the leaves have fallen from the tree….it is fall in the Hammock.015cs

I think it has fallen in love with the awing on the camper. It sits there most of the time and has a great view of the yard.


  1. I don't find that hard to believe. I'd be excited to if Painted Buntings came to my feeder too! I've seen a female but never the male.Nice photos too.

  2. What a great reason to start blogging and sharing your world. Thanks. This one's a cutie.

  3. Lovely photos, our leaves have not dropped yet but any moment...... Diane

  4. Good work capturing the Phoebe in amongst all those brnaches.


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