Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

I’ve had a couple of Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies in the yard the last few days.

I didn’t realize how much of this butterflies wings was missing until I saw the photos.066cs

What really caught my eye was it was feeding on my Bougainvillea. The color is striking with the butterflies colors. Normally I don’t see many butterflies other than skippers on it.


This one’s wings were in much better condition.

11.3.10 008cs

Their wing span is about 5”…they are a very big butterfly.  I love their bodies…they look so soft and are beautifully marked.11.3.10 010cs

There must be larval trees in the area……My neighbor, Patti, had an extra Magnolia, a small one, and I’ve planted that in the butterfly area. So ….maybe one day I will find a few Tiger Swallowtail caterpillars on it, that is one of their larval plants.


  1. Butterflies are so amazing. I hope you can raise some of these next year. Your captures are outstanding, especially the last one. I just want to reach out and gently touch their soft fuzzy bodies and wings.

  2. That is one big beauty! 5" wingspan! That must be the biggest I've ever seen.

  3. Beautiful shots! The colors are lovely with all the flowers. I've had the same experience with looking at the photo I've taken of a swallowtail and only then realizing how much of their wings are missing. One can only imagine the trauma that must have caused that.

  4. Gorgeous capture Caroll. We have it also in France!

  5. Beautiful butterfly, Carol.. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is a large butterfly --and very pretty... I love seeing the butterflies since ours are long-gone --and winter is creeping in, in our area.


  6. Hi! I just found your site from a link on Canyon Girl's blog. Glad I did! I love nature photography so will truly enjoy seeing what you have to share! :)


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