Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green Anole with butterfly

I was wandering around the yard trying to get a photo of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly, when I suddenly spotted one…unfortunately…a Green Anole got to it first.h 025cs 

He sat very still for several photos.h 037cs

You can see he kept his eye on me.h 048cs

Every now and then he’d try to gulp down a bit more.h 052cs h 056cs h 057cs He’s thinking about making a run for it. I got this just as he dashed around the bush and headed for thicker bushes and roots.h 063cs

Here he is in action.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly

The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly lives in wooded areas, especially near Citrus trees. I have 5 in my yard, and several wild orange and tangerine trees nearby. A few miles away are Orange Groves.

I find the larger butterflies harder to photograph. They do a lot of fluttering and very little sitting still.

2 013cs

With a wingspan of about 5”, they are easily spotted. They also seem more wary of my camera. I can see several flitting around….until I step outside.

2 026cs

The underside is very pretty. At first you’d think you were looking at a yellow butterfly.

022cs I zoomed in and cropped this out of another picture so you could see the length of the “straw” it is drinking with. The body looks fuzzy. All in all….a very pretty butterfly.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Wrens flew the coop

I noticed the adult Wrens were acting a bit different today. They both sat on the railings or nearby and were very vocal. I decided to watch them as closely as I could, incase they were trying to coax the babies out to join them.

I finally saw some activity in the wrens fledging 033cs

This is the most I have seen of the babies. They usually stay way back from the entrance. So….maybe today is the day. I had to build a blind and all pictures are taken through a window screen…and there is window screen just beyond the nest. That’s why there seem to be so much checkered background. Several hours later I heard the parents singing again so..back to the wrens fledging 042cs

Now I am sure I’ve picked the right day. Two of them looking wrens fledging 043cs

It would have been nice if I were sitting down…my feet are getting tired, as well as my arms. But I cant give up now. It was worth the wait. Here come the first one.

 baby wrens fledging 047cs

The two on the L are the babies. There is still one in the wrens fledging 049cs

And here is the last wrens fledging 059cs

While I am taking pictures…I am also trying to get a bit of video.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wren Nest

My sister gave me this nest. I hung it on the porch near my washer. It is out of the wind and rain but has plenty of air flow. I thought it mainly decorative. 070cs

We’d been gone a month, and when I returned home, I noticed a Carolina Wren heading into the nest with a bug in her beak.005cs

I looked and looked and could see nothing. Finally, 3 small beaks appeared.  I don’t think they are very old here.069cs

Today I spotted a baby bird looking back at me. The young start leaving the nest in about 2 weeks. I spotted them on 8/15/09. nest 003cs

I know there are at least 2 still there, possibly the third one also.

I see “Mom” or “Dad” flying away from the nest with a ball of white, every now and then. I believe this is the babies droppings. When I had the orphan baby wrens for a night, it was easy to clean up after them. The droppings were like a small bag of white. Nature has a great way of taking care of itself.

I can see the nest from my easy chair. I have to keep a close watch if I want to see them leave.

I really like these little Wrens. They are not as pretty as the Indigo Buntings   or the Painted Buntings, ( I have one coming to my feeder now) that spend the winter here…but they are still a cute little bird and fun to watch.

Friday, August 21, 2009

male Roseate Skimmer

When I first saw this Roseate Skimmer I was surprised I’d never noticed the color before.  Now I see them all over. red Dragonfly 016cs

The light angle wasn’t very good. I couldn’t get the true deep color.

red Dragonfly 056cs

red Dragonfly 061cs2

Nature has it all over us…we still can’t design an airplane or helicopter that is as efficient as a dragonfly.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Little critters

I spent part of the morning walking around the yard trying to get a good shot of a butterfly.

I started noticing this tiny grasshopper. It’s about 1/2 inch long. I have no idea what it is..or if it will grow up big and eat my plants.077cs

While looking for more of them…I spotted this spider. I don’t really like these….they jump. Once as a kid I saw one sitting on the side of the barn. I passed within 3 ft of it and the next thing I knew it was on my neck. Haven't liked them since. Not a big spider fan anyways..but I leave them alone as long as they stay outdoors. It retreated back into the fold of the leaf and this was the only shot I was able to get.075cs

This little butterfly isn’t much bigger than the grasshopper. It’s called a “skipper”.027cs

It is kind of cute and fuzzy. Just look at that face. I am always amazed when I see insects up close like this.032css

Here, it’s on a Mexican Blue, they grow all over here.046cs Guess it’s lunch time.048cs

This skipper isn’t much more than an inch long.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cuban Brown Anole

The brown Anole Cuban Brown Anole 016cs  is taking over the territory of the native Green Anole.  4.3.09b 047cccc

The brown ones have some interesting patterns on them,brown anole 2 003cs2

but I much prefer the green.

The brown Anoles remain brown, while the green Anoles can turn to brown and back to green.

You can see how well the brown Anole blends into the habitat. brown anole 2 010cs

This male is trying to attract a female. brown anole 2 018cs The Anole below has a ridge of skin up his back and onto his head. You can see it better in the first picture in the post….I don’t see any on the one above. I’ll have to research and see if I have 2 different species.

Cuban Brown Anole 021cs This is the same one…I followed him up the palm tree onto the palm frond stalk. Cuban Brown Anole 025cs

They live here. I’d rather they were all the green ones….but they are here to stay, I guess. They spend most of their time on the bases of the trees or on my fence. Probably because they blend in with the brown much better. I spot the green ones in the trees and bushes, where their cover is mainly green.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

male Queen Butterfly

I am finally learning to take my camera every time I go out the door.

My husband had just finished replacing a few new parts on his ‘27 Model T and he wanted to take it for a test run. I had to return a few items to my friend, Debbie, so we stopped and visited for a bit.  On our way out I spotted a Butterfly that I hadn’t photographed yet. v 008cs 

I believe it is a male Queen Butterfly. Very pretty. I really like this one.

v 006cs 

He was trying very hard not to let me get any good shots.

v 017cs 

I wasn’t able to get very close.

 v 013cs

Maybe next time .

Saturday, August 1, 2009

male Eastern Pondhawk

We have a pretty good canal system, here in the Hammock. It drains most of the water to the lake. I took a bike ride to see if I could get a picture of the 4 –5’ gator I had seen a few days ago. No luck but did see this male Eastern Pondhawk.

6.17.09 043cs

Very pretty blue. He wouldn’t turn and look at me. but, you can see his head is a dark green.

6.17.09 056cs

It looks like his “helmet” has green dots around the edge. It’s amazing how they are put together.

6.17.09 050cs2