Wednesday, August 12, 2009

male Queen Butterfly

I am finally learning to take my camera every time I go out the door.

My husband had just finished replacing a few new parts on his ‘27 Model T and he wanted to take it for a test run. I had to return a few items to my friend, Debbie, so we stopped and visited for a bit.  On our way out I spotted a Butterfly that I hadn’t photographed yet. v 008cs 

I believe it is a male Queen Butterfly. Very pretty. I really like this one.

v 006cs 

He was trying very hard not to let me get any good shots.

v 017cs 

I wasn’t able to get very close.

 v 013cs

Maybe next time .


  1. He is beautiful. I saw a Queen in Texas last February. They are not in my area...
    Beautiful butterflies. I also know always to have the camera handy. I never know when I will see a photograph.

  2. Absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous creature!!

  3. He is just exquisite! Wonderful captures. His underwings looked to me like stained glass sections! Good work.

  4. Great butterfly, would be a lifer for me!

  5. I think they are beautiful pictures. I've never heard of a Queen butterfly, we just seem to get a few types around here. Seems like it loves the Lantana.

  6. These are excellent captures of a beautiful butterfly. My closeups tend to be blurry from not holding still.

  7. This is a superb specimen. I took a blue butterfly when I was visiting the Kangaroo Center, but I don’t know what kind it was. You can see it here:

  8. Pictures are just perfect. A perfect distance for a gorgeous shot.

  9. What a gorgeous guy! I've never photographed one as of yet, but with this example, I can't wait to find one for myself! Great images!

  10. That is a stunning butterfly. A real beauty.

  11. Beautiful images and the Lantana is a perfect background. It looks like you had a good day--a ride in the Model T, a visit with a friend, and a beautiful photo. My husband loves the old cars too, although the ones he has are mostly from the Fifties.


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