Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wren Nest

My sister gave me this nest. I hung it on the porch near my washer. It is out of the wind and rain but has plenty of air flow. I thought it mainly decorative. 070cs

We’d been gone a month, and when I returned home, I noticed a Carolina Wren heading into the nest with a bug in her beak.005cs

I looked and looked and could see nothing. Finally, 3 small beaks appeared.  I don’t think they are very old here.069cs

Today I spotted a baby bird looking back at me. The young start leaving the nest in about 2 weeks. I spotted them on 8/15/09. nest 003cs

I know there are at least 2 still there, possibly the third one also.

I see “Mom” or “Dad” flying away from the nest with a ball of white, every now and then. I believe this is the babies droppings. When I had the orphan baby wrens for a night, it was easy to clean up after them. The droppings were like a small bag of white. Nature has a great way of taking care of itself.

I can see the nest from my easy chair. I have to keep a close watch if I want to see them leave.

I really like these little Wrens. They are not as pretty as the Indigo Buntings   or the Painted Buntings, ( I have one coming to my feeder now) that spend the winter here…but they are still a cute little bird and fun to watch.


  1. Hi Caraol Great to see these little fellows making use of what we call "roosting pockets" over here. The Wrens at work are very partial to nesting in any of our hanging baskets (full of flowers)! FAB

  2. That's great to be able to see that so close.
    I hope they all make it. Lovely shots of the youngsters.

  3. The wrens in our basket of geraniums fledged today -- hope you get to see yours fledge!

  4. Can't blame the wrens for moving into that interesting nest. Have fun watching them.

  5. What a nice surprise for you and such a great opportunity to watch these little guys. I hope you are able to see them leave.

  6. That last picture is so cute!!! Love those little Wrens! Very nice nest!


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