Saturday, August 1, 2009

male Eastern Pondhawk

We have a pretty good canal system, here in the Hammock. It drains most of the water to the lake. I took a bike ride to see if I could get a picture of the 4 –5’ gator I had seen a few days ago. No luck but did see this male Eastern Pondhawk.

6.17.09 043cs

Very pretty blue. He wouldn’t turn and look at me. but, you can see his head is a dark green.

6.17.09 056cs

It looks like his “helmet” has green dots around the edge. It’s amazing how they are put together.

6.17.09 050cs2


  1. What a beautiful creature! I like to try photographing them but have trouble getting all of him in focus.

  2. Fantastic dragonfly shots! He's an absolute beauty. Although the gator shot would have been interesting, I'm glad you saw this guy.

  3. Excellent capture. The colors and patterns are great. I guess we're all put together in unique ways.

  4. Great photos! I love his helmet. Have never seen of these before.

  5. Great to see such detail in the last pic Carol.

  6. Wow Carol! those are some awesome photos! The helmet with the dots is very cool!
    Thanks for sharing these!

  7. Hi Carol, Just checking in with you --after being gone for a week. Hope you are doing okay and enjoying life in Florida...


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