Friday, August 14, 2009

Cuban Brown Anole

The brown Anole Cuban Brown Anole 016cs  is taking over the territory of the native Green Anole.  4.3.09b 047cccc

The brown ones have some interesting patterns on them,brown anole 2 003cs2

but I much prefer the green.

The brown Anoles remain brown, while the green Anoles can turn to brown and back to green.

You can see how well the brown Anole blends into the habitat. brown anole 2 010cs

This male is trying to attract a female. brown anole 2 018cs The Anole below has a ridge of skin up his back and onto his head. You can see it better in the first picture in the post….I don’t see any on the one above. I’ll have to research and see if I have 2 different species.

Cuban Brown Anole 021cs This is the same one…I followed him up the palm tree onto the palm frond stalk. Cuban Brown Anole 025cs

They live here. I’d rather they were all the green ones….but they are here to stay, I guess. They spend most of their time on the bases of the trees or on my fence. Probably because they blend in with the brown much better. I spot the green ones in the trees and bushes, where their cover is mainly green.


  1. These Anoles are 'cute' in thier own way. I like the green ones best, too. I have some of those but have never seen the brown ones. Great pictures, as usual!

  2. The green ones are much cuter than the brown ones. We don't have any reptiles here in Interior Alaska, for which I am profoundly grateful.

  3. I like them both. Maybe the brown is just a green in different colors. LOL

  4. Interesting looking creature. I love the markings on the brown one, good camouflage.

  5. Gorgeous photos thanks. I love lizards, hence my blog name! I always come home from traveling with lots of photos of the native reptiles :o)

  6. I like the green one, I have never seen these lizards before. The face of the green one, minus the red throat, looks like the lizard in the GEICO insurance commercials I think. Quite adorable.

  7. I live in Hawaii and grew up with the Green Anoles. For the past 3 years, I've seen the Brown anoles rapidly multiply. I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen a green anole anywhere around my home :( The brown's are prolific breeders and highly active during the day. Why have the green's dissappeared? I still see geckos and so they do coexist with other lizard species. I wish the greens would come back.

  8. I'm not sure why, possibly the browns eat the little greens.


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