Monday, October 19, 2009

Momma Raccoon and her babies

This is a picture of one of the small Raccoons that sometimes visit. I took this back in May.5.28.09c 022cs

It shows up early in the morning to see if the squirrels have dropped any corn or if the bunnies have left any.

We took our camper and Jim’s ‘67 Chevy to a car show in Tampa for 3 days. So it’s been pretty quiet around here.

This morning I looked out and was surprised to see our “little one” outside with 2 babies of her own.009cs

The little ones were very skittish. They heard the door creak and are looking to see what the noise was.

I am sure this is the same one. She has a lot more white on her face than any of the others that used to come in.020cs

Is this a little darling? It sees me on the porch…and I just had time to snap this before he scooted into the woods.


They have to run when I open the door or when they see me. If they don’t…then we encourage them to by banging pans etc. I don’t want them to  lose their fear of people or dogs. As long as they obey the rules…no birdfeeders …no trash cans…no entering the dog’s yard…they are welcome to stop by and see if there is a snack left over and we won’t disturb them.

I live in a very heavily wooded area that was their home before mine…so I try to share, with all the inhabitants.


  1. Thjey are so cute. You are right in not encouraging them to hang around where they might be harmed.

  2. What a sweet post! It's an amazing experience to watch animal families grow and evolve as the seasons go on. Hope you keep enjoying their company!

  3. Nice post!! Great photography. We had a racoon that came at night and raided the open, fly-thru bird feeder. We photographed it several nights. It let us get really close. We got tired of it and had it caught and taken away in a live trap.

  4. They are very cute, but how right you are not to encourage them to closely. I've never seen a face as white as that Mama.

  5. Great shots of the raccoons. They are such interesting animals to watch, but sometimes very difficult to control.

  6. cute critters, for sure! Thanks for tolerating them and teaching them not to trust humans.

    I moved in on a herd of deer 9 years ago so have to tolerate the damage they wreak on my gardens.

  7. Oh, my goodness, Carol. That last shot is so fantastic. What an adorable little face!!


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