Friday, October 30, 2009


The deer here in FL are much smaller, but still beautiful and fun to watch.

My friend, Debbie, lives just down the road. She gave me a call and told me there were several deer in the field next door. So I grabbed my camera and headed on down the road. This doe looked right at me…

deer 024cs

Then they started to move to the other side of the pasture away from us. It was still pretty early and not much light. They didn’t seem to be bothered by the can see their eyes reflecting it.

deer 027cs

Just as I shut the camera off…..a nice buck joined them and they went bounding across the field.

I would love to have them at my house, but the woods are pretty thick. I will put out a salt lick …just in case.


  1. they love shelled corn too (at least the deer in Minnesota do)

  2. Those were beautiful but you could tell they were wary of you all. Helen

  3. Nice for you to see them! Good little video too. We came home the other day from the Post Office and our neighbor had just seen a Mule Deer buck jump the fence into another neighbor's yard!

  4. What a great sight to see in the mornings Carol.
    Love that first shot.

  5. Those were beautiful but you could tell they were wary of you all. Work From Home

  6. You live in such a wonderful neighborhood! I subscribed to the RSS feed for your blog and am working my way from the back to the front. Love the little video of the deer.


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