Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have at least 3 beautifully bright red male Cardinals that have been here this summer. I don’t always see them at the same time, so there could be more but 3 were at the feeders this morning. Cardinal (10)cs

They all disappear whenever I go outside to get a picture. I guess that is why the Titmice and the Painted Buntings always come in with them  during the winter. They are good watchdogs.

The Cardinals are here all year long. It would be boring without them, since most of the other small birds leave during the summer.


  1. I have never a male cardinal. I had a female at my birdbath two years ago after a big storm went through here. Had never seen and before that, and none since. We just don't get them in Montana. Nice photo.

  2. I saw my first male Cardinal this fall just the other day. Not sure if they're here in the summer when I am not. Usually only see a couple pairs taking turns at the water and feeders, always surrounded by quail and sparrows.

    I am still an RVer. This move is short term, thru Nov when there's another renter coming. I have to empty the 5th-wheel completely to high grade into 4 piles; keeper, storage, sell & garbage. Then a thoural cleaning, maybe paint and move back in. All this too hard to do while living in its 8x27 feet.

  3. impressive, love your blog, and look forward to follow.

  4. Love the cardinal! Such vivid red! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Unfortunately, I have to delete the post because I accidentally duplicated the image from 2 days ago!

  5. Nice photo. I saw several cardinals flashing through the trees while I was my brother-in-law's farm in Missouri, but never could get a shot.


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