Friday, June 5, 2009

Raccoons…..the twins

I think these must be litter mates…so we’ve dubbed them the “twins”. They are raiding the turkey feeder. These two usually come in early. Around 4pm. I think they are trying to avoid the larger ones.4.5.06 Raccoons 001cs2

We have a fairly large coon that has been coming for a couple of years. He’s easy to spot because of his crippled paw. He’s affectionately known as “Gimp”. We don’t supply them with all the food they want..they are kind of like the clean-up committee. If the turkeys don’t come in and the squirrels have not finished it up..they get a treat.

We had so many big trees go down during hurricanes Charlie, Francis and Jean, a few years ago, that there is lots of wildlife habitat.4.5.06 Raccoons 011c

Here’s one of the twins coming out the tree pile.4.5.06 Raccoons 012c

Look   at the faces..aren't they darling?                                   4.5.06 Raccoons 003cs  

4.5.06 Raccoons 006c The pictures above were taken in early April.     I took this a few days ago.      He came out to see the Peacock. He’s used to seeing wild turkey at the feeder, but that was the first Peacock.                  5.28.09c 022cs        I don’t throw food out when they are there. I don’t want them to associate humans with food. I would love to have them as pets but I wouldn’t be doing them any favors. They run when I come to the door or open windows, or if the dog barks and we’ll keep it that way.              


  1. They are just too cute. We have them here too. I never see them other than the ones that have been run over. We're never out much when they are I guess.

  2. Carol, The raccoons are cute---but they can be so devastating---getting into 'stuff' at nights.. We take our bird feeders (some of them) in at nights --to keep the raccoons and possums out ---and who knows what else.

    BUT---since you have lots of land, you probably have room for many more critters than us.. They are CUTE.

    Great pictures.

  3. Very nice series. They are so cute, but I know they can be a problem. We don't have them here, so I don't have to deal with any of their antics.

  4. They really do have sweet faces. It sounds like they don't really get into much trouble there. We get them in our pond every so often and boy do they make a mess. As annoying as that is I still like seeing their little wet footprints around the pond and on our deck.

  5. Carol, those little critters are too cute! I would love to cuddle with one of those! They, on the other hand, not so much with me! :o)

  6. Lovely photographs, Lisa has seen the Racoon when visiting the USA with our boys on a cultural exchange.

  7. They are adorable! I recall seeing raccoons in my yard only once, many years ago. Four of them were tumbling around playing.

  8. They can definately be destructive. They knocked down the old bird feeder, and Jim has spent many days figureing out how to keep them from taking all the corn from the turkey feeder. He thinks he has that figured out. So far..they've not gotten into the new bird feeder..we may have that taken care of too. But they are smart little buggers. They are losing so much territory, I hate to run them out of here.

  9. you get a great range of wildlife there.

  10. Great Raccoon Images,Sue took some shots last year when paid a visit to the States.We were so excited when we spotted them. So your Images bring back fond memories.
    Well done Carol,like yours a lot.
    Happy snapping John.

  11. I'm from Long Island and I just haven't gotten used to the raccoons down here in Florida yet. They are smaller/not as FAT as the ones up north. And the ones up north are nocturnal. If you see a raccoon at 4:00 PM up north, RUN! It's probably rabid and therefore crazy enough to be out and about at 4:00 PM! Anyhow, enjoyed the glimpses of your "twins" - they sure are pretty!

    Tink *~*~*

  12. Great photos!
    I too am surprised that you see raccoons during daylight.


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