Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Limpkin in the Hammock

My husband came home a few days ago and told me he’d seen 2 Limpkins at the end of our road, in the canal. I was photographing the Eastern Amberwing and was afraid it would leave before I got a good picture, and by the time I got there they were gone.

I have been riding my bike, everyday, along the canals. This is one of them. You can see a Blue Heron wading. There was a small gator here also, but it submerged.

6.17.09 037cs

It took a couple of days but I finally found it.6.17.09 015cs

The Limpkin is a wading bird. Look at the length of it’s toes. They make for easy walking on water plants.

6.17.09 022cs

It’s a very pretty bird. Hard to notice since it blends in so well.  I have some better pictures of a Limpkin on www.riverwildlife.blogspot.com.  But this one is close to home. First one I’ve seen.n 078cs

The canal is very shallow now. During the tropical storms or hurricanes they will be full.n 082cs

We’ve always thought of this bird as the “Elusive Limpkin”, since that is how it is referred to in the St Johns River guide that we use. From a distance you probably wouldn’t even notice it. The Herons and Egrets are so easy to spot, that you tend to over look this beautiful bird.


  1. Thanks for sharing such great pictures. I've never heard of these birds, I love learning about wildlife from around the country/world. I would've been nervous if I knew there was a gator nearby!

  2. I have never heard of this species, great shot and thankyou for posting.

  3. This is a great bird...when we camp in Lake Worth.Florida we see at least eight pair in the John prince campground...this past year we has a pair in our campsite..very cool

  4. A new to me bird...so lovely too.
    I enjoy your photographs very much.
    It is wonderful getting to know you and your wildlife!

  5. I have some photos of the Limpkin on www.riverwildlike.blogspot.com that really show the beauty of this bird.

    Thanks so much for all the comments.

  6. The Limpkin is a beautiful bird, Carol. I'm glad you got to see it. I have never seen one.

    Thanks again for sharing!!!


  7. It is a very beautiful bird. However, I have never seen one. Nice photos.

  8. That Limpkin is a very interesting bird. Toes are very long. How fortunate to find it close to home.


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