Monday, June 29, 2009

male Blue Dasher

I have become a Dragonfly fan. It’s amazing what you see when you really look. A trip around the yard to see if the Amberwing was still here led me to this Blue Dasher.  It looks like it’s in the same family as the Amberwing. About the same size and poses for pictures just as nicely, but not as willingly. I had to chase him around the yard.

c 046cs

Here he looks like he’s playing a bugle.c 059cs

I wasn’t able to get as close to the Blue Dasher, but you can see he has a cute little face also.

c 079cs

c 057csc 030cs

This one is sitting on a cyprus tree near my sister’s pond. I like the fall colors. (June)j 118cs

It has a lot more brown in it’s wings.

j 127cs

Very handsome little fella.

j 138cs


  1. These are nice captures, Carol! Amazing little creatures--I've never seen a dragonfly pose with it's tail erect like that before. But then, I guess I haven't really noticed dragonflies much before.

  2. Very impressive shots Carol. I love them!

    Such a hard capture and you have captured them well!


  3. Wonderful pictures! This last one is PERFECT! You have a great camera and lens!

  4. Love the colors of this blue dasher. Funny how it keeps it body up in the air like that. Great captures.

  5. In some of those face shots it looks like it's smiling.

    Great shots!

  6. These shots are fantastic, Carol! the first shot is absolutely stunning! I have become interested in dragonflies also. A few weeks ago I bought a small book, Dragonflies of Alaska. I never realized there were so many varieties before. The book lists 32 different dragonflies and damselfies that are seen in Alaska. The two you have posted about are not listed among those and I imagine you have a lot of different ones in Florida. I'll be posting some photos in the next few days of a dragonfly I got some shots of this evening.

  7. This is why I find following other blogs so much fun. Each person has something that is interesting to them and they capture it so we can all see it. Draws our attention to things we might have been over a dragonfly or a new bud with a drop of dew, a unique quilt or just the view from their window. I am looking at things so much more carefully now.

  8. lovely photos Carol.

    I must admit I love watching Dragons zipping about all over the places. they move so fast and are incredibly pretty

  9. Dragonflies are one of my favorites...these are just wonderful photos!

  10. Don't they look so "cartoon-like"! I love getting close-ups with these tiny guys, just to see what most people don't see! Excellent shots!

  11. Terrific photos! I like them too but always end up asking someone else about their identity.

  12. Dear Carol,
    He is as beautiful as the Amber Wings!
    Wonderful photographs....
    I do love the Dragons!

  13. Fantastic shots. Great photography, Carol.

  14. It seems you are as mad as me over taking wild life photos. mine are on i even take photos of the flies if i have my camera with me.
    they make good subjects they do not seem to mind being shot. just try and catch on unless its for the blog.


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