Monday, July 6, 2015

2 Momma Raccoons and their babies 7.2.15

I love to see these little guys come in with their Mothers.

She’s checking to see if it is safe to bring them out.


This one has 3 little ones. They are so cute. I toss all my biodegradables by this root. That way one cannot dominate and eat it all. It also helps feed worms and the Raccoons dig them up.


Isn’t this little one cute?


Looking for the kibbles I toss in the weeds. I do that so they have to hunt for them as they would any food and it helps keep the weeds down.


This little guy found a couple and he’s not telling the others.


I think it feels safe under this plant.


This one came in a few hours later. She only has 2 little ones.




I don’t see the babies every day.



We welcome all critters to our yard…as long as they don’t destroy stuff. We have managed to keep them out of the bird feeders…

Sometimes when they are here we’ll hear a warning and they all disappear…no dogs around and the cats don’t bother with them.  We do have a Bobcat in the area and I wonder if it’s prowling around.

When I took this picture it was only a few hundred feet from out yard.

Handsome little guy.


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  1. Cute little raccoons indeed! I'm sure you are well paid for your hospitality in entertainment value. Your bobcat neighbour looks like a capable preditor. Now those kittens must be cute!


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