Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painted Buntings 1.9.15

The Painted Buntings have been coming in since the end of November.

I don’t have as many this year as I did last year. My friend down the road about a mile has been getting some so they might be sharing between us.


They are beautiful little birds and they love white millet.


I had purchased a large box of this millet for my Lovebird. Babe passed away this summer so I’ve been putting it out for the buntings. When they get through with it I give it to the squirrels.



This is also a Painted Bunting. It could be a juvenile or a female.



The green males will start showing their colors before they migrate North in a few months.

Some have a light green on their backs and others could show yellow or orange.


Either way they are a beautiful mixture of colors.

Here’s a short video of them at the feeders.

I have not seen any Indigo Buntings yet. They normally come  after the Painted Buntings have settled in.

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  1. Painted Buntings are such beautiful birds. We've seen them only a couple of times at our place in the Ozarks. Just passing through, I suppose. Indigo Buntings are more common here throughout the summer. Thanks for sharing your photos.


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