Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bats!! We have at least 8 bats in our “Rocket” style Bathouse 1.4.15

These are not very good pictures. I took them out of the video.snapshot_001x
Jim built this with 2 chambers. One is 7/8” which is liked best by the Big Brown Bat. I have seen a few leave from that outside chamber. It looks like this one might be a Big Brown.
It looked like this one came from the inner chamber, 3/4 preferred by Small Brown Bats. But it is too dark to be sure. If it came out on the opposite side it would appear to be leaving from the inner chamber.
This video was taken over a span of 25 minutes. I cut most of the waiting time out. You can tell the different segments by the darkening of the screen each time there was a cut.
I watch most every night and count. Started with one….then 3…and now 8.
It is even more interesting watching them come home. They duck and dive…up to the house and drop back down and zip away …then back and do it all over again. I am trying to get video of that.

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