Monday, October 20, 2014

Honey Bees on bushes along the road 10.19.14

I never did find out what kind of bushes these were but they start blooming just as the Brazilian Pepper Bushes are starting to go out.


They’ve been allowed to take over the tree farm in an area they are not using right now. I will hate to see them go.

Several Honey Bees were gathering pollen and I watched my hives and they are bringing it in.

Her little pollen baskets are almost full.


Here’s another….


Isn’t she beautiful?


They have to visit a lot of these little flowers to get enough to bring home.


Not all are collecting pollen. They do not need as much this late in the year as their egg laying slows down and there are not as many larva to feed.


There are at least 4 Honey Bees in this picture. One is near the bottom hidden by the flowers but you can find her if you look hard.


This is probably the last major bloom here for awhile. The wild Asters are nicely budded but not blooming yet. There is still a lot of Spanish Needle and some yellow flowers they are working.

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