Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brazilian Pepper Bush 10.7.14

This Pepper Bush really starts to take over our road…..but Jim can’t cut it back until the bloom is over. Can’t cut “Bee Food”.


This is looking out….


This video shows the activity at the hive entrances. My “blue” hive is the best gatherer and is storing lots of nectar and honey. The “pink” hive seems to be working hard but not storing much.

The Top Bar Hive in the middle seems to be doing well.

The “squirrel box” hive is also storing but cannot see what they have. I guess we should get someone to take it and put them in a hive. We do not need another one.

At the end of the video you can see the Honey Bee in the photo below….gathering pollen from the Pepper Bush.


Most are gathering nectar.


The blooms are so tiny they must visit thousands during the day.


Once the Pepper Bush has finished blooming Jim can trim the bushes back. There will be one more bloom on bushes out front along the road. I don’t know what they are but the bees worked them hard last year.

We took a few jars of honey and may take a couple more from the “blue” hive…but want to leave them enough to get them through the lean times so we don’t have to feed them. I’d much rather leave them plenty of their own stores.

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