Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Honey Bees at the birdbath 10.8.14

The Honey Bee hives need lots of water.

Jim fixed this birdbath with a water line that has a permanent drip so there will always be water in it.

The bees hardly used it even though I put rocks in it for them to sit on. It was getting a lot of algae and I started to pull it out one day. Some of it dangled over the side and I noticed it wicked the water up and was always wet…so I left it. Next thing I knew it was being used.

The hives are just a few feet behind the water source.


You can see the algae and how they use it.


Isn’t she a beauty? I don’t know if these are all from my hives or from those in the wild.


It stays nice and wet and no chance of bees drowning. They are so beautiful!


It may not be pretty….but it sure is well used.


This video shows how busy it can get.

I’ve seen squirrels get a drink here…as well as the cats…so I took an old birdbath and put it on the ground for the other critters. It sits under the overflow drip so it always has water also.

The rocks are for the bees.


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