Sunday, April 27, 2014

Raccoon, Squirrels, Red Headed Skink, Red Bellied Woodpecker 4.27.14

I was watching the Raccoon work at digging up worms or whatever he was finding in the biodegradable hole, when this squirrel came down the tree.


When they spot one of the cats they flag their tails and chatter to warn the others.

It came down for a closer look.


It never flagged or gave any warning. I guess they know the Raccoon is not a threat. I was sure surprised.

It jumped down on the ground and started looking for seeds under the feeder.



Here’s one on the table top having breakfast. I put all of “Babe’s” (Lovebird) old feed out for them.


This is a Red Headed Skink.  It lives in and around this old stump. This one is only about 4 inches long. I’ve seen them as big as 6 inches. Great little bug eaters.


This is the first Blue Jay I have ever seen in my back yard. It gave me a photo op and then left.


The bees, butterflies and Northern Parula Warblers are not the only birds who feed on the Bottle Brush Bushes. This Red Bellied Woodpecker was finding something to it’s liking.


They also feed on the table top and other feeders. Cute bird.


We do enjoy the wildlife around here.

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