Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Morning at the feeder 4.10.14

This is how I enjoy my morning coffee.

Just before daylight the birds start calling each other and once the sun is up they start coming to the feeders. We have four feeding stations in the back yard…but this is the busiest during the winter and spring when the Painted Buntings…

snapshot_001 Painted Bunting

and Indigo Buntings are here…..snapshot_001 Indigo Buntings

The Titmice also show up…..they usually just grab a sunflower seed and leave.

snapshot_001 Titmice

The Cardinals are here year around.

snapshot_001 Cardinal

Here’s a video of the activity. The Buntings will be leaving before long.

The Painted Buntings are usually the first to get here. Usually see one late November. Then the Indigo Buntings show up. By May they have headed north.

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