Monday, May 20, 2013

Jim’s at it again…..

On the 16th he bought himself a pressure washer.

Here in Florida things can get black or dirty in a hurry. Our mobile home hasn’t been pressure washed in several years. You can see the difference. We really do have a white roof. He had to wash a spot to stand….the black stuff was slippery when wet.





all done…..


Once the mobile home was done…decks and screen room…..he started on the “tractor” building. When we first retired we were going to start a palm business. We built a wooden “potting” shed and this steel building for the tractor and all maintenance tools etc.  Well…that didn’t work out so it is now his shop.

He moved everything from the R side to the L and pressure washed it….can you see the difference?


It looked so good when he got done I suggested he buy some lumber and build shelves…he did.


Right side is done….now everything gets moved to this side and the Left side gets washed etc. Roof and outside were done yesterday.


What do you think…..did it need it? I’d forgotten the inside was white.


Most of the breeze comes right down the road into the driveway. We put a 9’ rollup door in the rear for air flow….guess all the dirt comes with that nice breeze.

Now it is a matter of finding a place for everything.


and Jim is hard at it…..


He’s moving some of his automotive stuff into this building. It will open up a nice table for me to work on my bee hives or to start milkweed seedlings this winter.

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  1. I am fascinated by your lifestyle. You both are so laid back and have such unusual interests. I always enjoy visiting you to see what you are up to. Your yard looks so lush and tropical! Love the birds, critters, bees. Now that I see Jim's shop I think it would be the envy of any guy. You're enjoyment of life is inspiring.


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