Sunday, May 19, 2013

Butterflies 5.17.13

Today will be the biggest release so far this year. At least 30 Monarchs. All the dark chrysalis will have a butterfly emerge today.


I didn’t have a day when 30 went to the top and pupated…but did have a couple of cool days and it may have slowed one batch down a bit.

They have started. You can see one in the center rear that has just emerged. It’s wings are short and dark because they are damp. When they first come out the wings are very soft, and the abdomen very large. The fluid is pumped into the wings. They hang up side down so the wings can get the correct shape.


This one has been drying for an hour or so….you can see the chrysalis in the upper L corner is about ready. It becomes very clear, thin and papery.


This one has only been out for a short while. It’s wings are wrinkled and damp.


Look at the two new emerges….you can see the swollen body and the very short wings. It’s hard to believe they end up like the others.


This one is just starting to open. It has split it’s chrysalis and then the body will literally fall out…then it gathers itself up and hangs onto the empty chrysalis.


Kind of like laundry drying.


Once they started getting active, I opened the sliding screen door. Opened the door of the cage and faced it outside. They left when they were ready to go.

5.18.13   I released 15

5.19.13   This morning there were 10.

At  least 55 Monarchs. Only a few left in chrysalis and a few caterpillars. That is all I’ll raise this spring.

I really enjoy them, need to let my plants grow again. I’ll concentrate on the Honey Bees for awhile.


  1. What a neat series of photos! and the comments as well. There really should be a "Monarch chrysalis" blue in a box of Crayons, don't you think?

  2. Wow! This is amazing! I too raise Monarchs. I grow milkweed in my garden. I pick the leaf off the plant that has eggs on them and put in jars inside my home. Last year I was only able to raise 4 monarch butterflies. It was a bad year with the drought and heat here in the midwest. I hoping this year will be much better. My milkweed plants are growing like crazy! The monarchs should be arriving here within the week or so.

    Have a wonderful day!


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