Wednesday, May 29, 2013


After doing a bit of dinking around, taking Raisin ashore…


We decided to anchor in Lake Beresford. Last time there it was full of debris from the tornado and the paddle wheel cruise boat “Lady Beresford” was picked up and set down on a piling which holed her. We haven't seen her on the river lately and thought we’d cruise up there and see if she is back in action.

On our way across the lake this airplane flew over.


We think they may have had friends in the area. They circled over an area several times then flew down the lake.

The Osprey take advantage of every sign. This is an adult and 2 youngsters. As we approached the adult took off trying to lure us away from the nest.


Lady Beresford was still in dry dock, but looks pretty good.


We’ve seen this one on the river….now wouldn’t that make a great house boat? Love all the windows.pinger_1530383026 (1)cs

After our tour of the far end we cruised to the area near the river so we could watch the boat traffic. Decided to check out an area beyond the lily pads. We were looking for Button Wood plants. Saw some earlier and they had Honey Bees on them…looks like a good plant for wetlands. I think there is a Honey Bee on the one in the upper R corner.


We found several and I gathered some “balls”, a couple cuttings to plant and some that we figured were seeds.

We took a short cut back to the boat. The lily pads were not real thick here so Jim got the boat up to speed, shut the motor off , raised it up and we paddled our way through.


Great breeze….enjoyed the afternoon reading and watching all the boats going up and down the river and across the lake.

I noticed a small boat with it’s outboard tipped up and the guy was rowing…..into the wind…..and headed down the lake. Jim and I decided to haul anchor and cruise up and see if they had a problem or were just getting exercise. Somehow I didn’t think a long row against the wind was what they had planned on. Good thing we checked…the pulley had come off the outboard when he tried to start it. So we tossed them our dingy bridle …they tied their line on and we towed them to the other end of the lake. It was about 1 1/2 miles. They would not have made it before dark and were very glad we took the time to check on them. Good deed done….we headed back to our anchorage.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunset.


Once it got dark we took the dingy out for a short cruise to see how well we are lit up at night. Tried to get some pictures but they didn’t come out.

Another great day on the water…we are getting so spoiled with this weather. Normally we are freezing or sweating. It has been perfect. Almost need a light blanket at night if you leave the windows open to listen to the frogs sing and the gators growl.

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  1. Wow!!! "Listen to the frogs sing and the gators growl". I feel like I was there! Thank you for sharing such a rich experience!


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