Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monarch Butterflies

Our milkweed bed was pretty overgrown with weeds when we got home from our trip to NY,VT and TN. 2 months away during the spring, in Florida, is a long time.

Once I got all the weeds pulled, I looked the plants over for caterpillars. I found 22. All have become butterflies but 2. They should emerge in a day or two.

These are 2 of the ones I’ve released.


I set them on the Buddleia so they will know where it is the next day when they are hungry. I know they will find it by themselves, but I try to give them an easy start.

Their colors are so sharp and beautiful when they first emerge. This female is eating ….she must be one from yesterday’s release.



  1. Those are beautiful. I know they appreciated instant food source.

  2. Great.... you plan lesson for the two at day one!!


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