Saturday, April 16, 2011

Miniature Honeybee?

I have a few sunflowers growing under the bird feeder.

I saw a couple of very small bees gathering pollen. It was amazing how much they were carrying.067cs

I read there were Miniature Honeybees…upon close inspection they looked just like little honeybees but with bigger heads.


I was surprised these tiny little bees were collecting pollen from the sunflower and my honeybees weren’t.

Later this butterfly came along.


It will be fun to see who gets the sunflower seeds….the birds or the squirrels.


  1. that butterfly photo is gorgeous!

  2. It did have a large head. I vote for the goldfinches to get the seed. Helen

  3. So much pollen that mini bee looks weighted down.

  4. Beautiful sunflowers! They must grow all winter there to be blooming already.

  5. There are so many wild bees. My bees seem to prefer the blossoms of fruit trees (pear, etc.) and dandelions to other flowers.


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