Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eyed Click Beetle

I have never seen one of these before…but I would have loved having one as a kid.


Jim asked me to check for fuel leaks when he started his ‘28 Buick. When I walked around the front of the car I spotted this little guy.  It’s a couple of inches long…has a hard shell and spots like big eyes…but that is not it’s head.

eyed click beetlecs

I took a leaf and gently nudged it along trying to get it to move outside so it wouldn’t get run over or stepped on. It immediately rolled over on it’s back.


So I tried to roll it back over. Normally a beetle is in trouble when on it’s back….not this one….with a click it popped several  inches in the air and landed a foot or so away. What a surprise.

So if you see this little cutie


Give it a gentle nudge to roll him on his back and see what happens.


  1. What a hilarious bug. Love the big "eye" spots and the fact that it rolled over to play dead.

  2. What a funny little critter. I'll bet you jumped a bit when he popped up.

  3. The "eyes" on these beetles are interesting, but the physics involved in their energy multiplying click mechanism is astounding.

  4. Saw this today for the first time. Kittery, Maine.


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