Monday, February 7, 2011

Honey Bee on Cape Honeysuckle

My friend, Debbie, called me a few days ago from a place where she gets many of her plants. They had some nice Cape Honeysuckle and wanted to know if I wanted one. I did, so she picked one up for me.

I haven’t decided where to plant it yet. It is so pretty I think I want it in the backyard where I spend most of my time.

I bought it for the Hummingbirds. It is supposed to bloom fall and winter and will be a good addition to the hanging feeder.

I am also trying to get a couple of swarms of bees for my 2 hives. I was pleased to see this little gal working on the Cape Honeysuckle.


She seemed to be interested in pollen. It rained off and on during the night, so I wasn’t sure how much there would be, but she kept coming back to the flowers.


I think the blossoms are too deep for her to collect nectar and I didn’t see her even try.


The picture doesn’t do the color of the blooms justice. But the color shows up much better in this one.


You can see she is hard at work.


  1. I love the smell of honeysuckle and if I was a bee would be there all the time. Goes well with the hives.

  2. Nice to see spring activity at your place!

  3. Beautiful flowers -- beautiful photos.

  4. I love this plant, but it will spread into a thicket so plan to give it some space.

  5. Your yard sounds so wonderful and inviting. I love how you nurture all of your wild visitors.

  6. Beautiful honeysuckle! That little bee certainly likes it. It looks like it will be a good addition to your yard.

  7. Excellent. I love the video ;-)

  8. Beautiful photso of the painted bunting! Nice videos.


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