Friday, February 25, 2011

Black and Yellow Bumble Bee on Blue Salvia


I had 2 Bumble Bees on my blue salvia this morning. I don’t often see them here. There are so beautiful.


I carried these plants inside each night for a couple of months to keep them from freezing. I had 2 Salvia and 2 milkweed plants that I put out each day for the butterflies. Everything else had been killed by the frost.

I haven’t had any Monarch Butterflies  in  a few days…but the bees are enjoying the salvia.


My back yard sounds a bit like a jungle with the birds in the background. Palm trees and wetlands…..”our little piece of the jungle”.


  1. You really have an awesome habitat for all those feathered and winged creatures! :)

  2. Boy, does your backyard sound wonderful! It is snowing and -6 here at the moment...I am green with envy :o)

  3. Nice to have your own piece of the jungle.

  4. I imagine the bees were very happy to find some blooming flowers. They look beautiful against the blue backdrop of the salvia.

  5. Bumblebees are like the panda's of the bee world to me -- very cuddly looking. I'll just admire them from a distance tho! Loved the video with your "jungle" bird soundtrack. Sounds like heaven to me.

  6. I love the sounds on your video. I could listen to that all day.


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