Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cape Honeysuckle and Honey Bee

I was happy to see the Honey Bee come to the Cape Honeysuckle for pollen. I didn’t think they would be able to get nectar since the bloom is so long. But…..this little bee surprised me.

It is a small plant and I never had more than 4 Honey Bees on it at the same time. What is interesting is…if one came in and went to the stamens for pollen…it never attempted to go inside for nectar …..and if a bee came in and immediately went inside….it didn’t pay any attention to the stamen. They would go from flower to flower and never deter from their specific job.

I planted this Cape Honeysuckle for the Hummingbirds….but I can see it is definitely going to be doing double duty.



  1. honey bees still something i'm looking forward to see this year. ta for sharing

  2. The bees seem to like the flowers.


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