Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tersa Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

My friend, Debbie, found this caterpillar and brought it for me to see. It looks like it’s looking at me…but those are just spots on its back to fool predators.008cs

It’s head is tucked in so you can’t see it.


Once it started moving it took on a completely different look. Now it looks like it has a long nose…like an anteater or something.



In August ‘10, I posted 2 videos of a Hummingbird Moth. You can see by their actions why many of us mistake them for Hummingbirds when we first see them.

Pentas are one of their larval plants….I have a few and will be checking them for catepillars this year… that I know what to look for.


  1. We had a couple of banded sphinx moth caterpillars here this year as well as the moths too. They're such fascinating creatures! :)

  2. What a cool caterpillar. Love its fake eyes. Great closeups.

  3. That's a cool caterpillar! I like the hummingbird moths too--look forward to seeing them next spring.

  4. A strange looking caterpillar.
    I wonder what kind of butterfly, or moth, it turns into? Something pretty big I imagine.

  5. Thank you so much for this, I love to learn new things about nature. And this guy is fascinating.

  6. ooo just found one in our garden, very odd and interesting thing :)

  7. Is this Catapillar poisonous or does it sting or bite?

    1. I did not handle I don't know for sure but most caterpillars that I've handled do not bite and the fuzzy one are the ones that I have read.


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