Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bee update 12.4.10

I received my new hood and  smoker for working with the hive. Jim took the pictures after I “suited” up to check it out.

Once the bees settled down a little I removed the empty super where I had been feeding and checked to see if the bees were doing anything. I was very disappointed to see there hadn’t been any work on the frames. No wax build up or honey storage. Nothing but a small clump of bees near the jar of sugar water.


I guess most of the bees that have been coming to eat are  “robber bees” from another hive, or there may be a wild hive nearby.  In my research I learned that “robber bees’ will sometimes kill the queen, and the swarm was too small to guard it and keep them out.

I practiced working with the smoker for a few minutes.



I am going to continue feeding the few that are left inside….I doubt they will make it. And of course,  the “robbers”. Maybe when their hive gets too large they will remember where this one is.

I will clean  it out when they are gone and get it ready for spring. Perhaps a swarm will find it and decide to move in.


  1. There was an interesting story on television a few days ago about honey bees. I would think they are not around because there are not as many flowers this time of year. This time of year around here is when the bees usually die off and the queens eggs hatch in the spring in time to harvest pollen again. Not sure if that is the case where you live or not.

  2. Abe Lincoln: My friend down the road has 3 hives..he is helping me learn about them. When he saw the size of the swarm and the time of year..he didn't think they would make it..but I wanted to try. They would have died without a home anyways. I fed them since they had no stores of their own..but that drew the other now I am feeding them.

  3. Wow. Robber bees. I guess they're as smart as all the other critters out there and once they figure out where there's a free meal...


  4. Love the hat. Sure hope some honey making bees find your hive in the spring.

  5. It all sounds very interesting but as I am allergic to bees I will carry on buying honey off the shelf :-) Diane

  6. Hopefully in the spring you will have a swarm move in. It was worth a try now anyway and gave you a bit of experience.

  7. Thanks for this info, I really enjoyed reading it!


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