Friday, December 3, 2010

Scarlet Bodied Wasp Moth

Last month Jim called me to bring the camera again….there was this beautiful Wasp like bug on one of the plants behind the tractor barn. It is feeding on the Brazillian Pepper Bush. One of the worst..invasive plants in Florida.  The Honey Bees love the blossoms and the Robins love the berries.  Once they have finished…we cut down all we can…But they grow right back.007cs

It has a beautiful red and blue body.  The photo doesn’t do it justice. The tail end of it is a very vivid blue. And the 3 triangles on it’s back are blue. ….and you can see right thru the wings.


When I realized the pictures hadn’t come out as nicely as I wanted….I went back but it was gone and I haven’t seen it since.

In my research, I found the larval plant is Climbing Hempvine.  I believe this is it.007csIt’s in a heavily brushed area and too high off the ground for me to check for caterpillars. My camera was zoomed out as far as it would go….and then I had to crop the photo to get this close.  Looks like an insect is feeding on it.

Perhaps I’ll be seeing the Scarlet Bodied Wasp Moth again.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful wasp. Such intense colors. Your captures are fine.

  2. A stunning colour combination Carol. A real beauty.

  3. What beautiful colors on a wasp. Hopefully you'll get another chance at this one.

  4. Yes Brazilian Pepper Trees, Chinese Tallow Trees are loose in Orlando. I cut them down when ever I find one to stop them from going to seed.
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