Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bald Eagle on Logue’s Way

My sister and I spent  a couple of hours hiking on Logue’s Way.  It was a chilly day , but the sun did shine a bit to warm it up. A great day for a walk.

The Way has a couple of different landscapes. You start out on a crushed shell trail that takes you to a boardwalk  through a wetland area with palm and needle palms.  It takes several twists and turns and eventually ends up in the “uplands”. It’s a higher bit of ground that is a totally different area. Low growing ground covering palms and tall pine trees. The soil is dry and sandy instead of mucky. All within a few minutes walk.

When traveling through the “uplands”, JoAnne spotted a Bald Eagle sitting in  a tree a short distance from us. 


It was looking away from us, but must have heard us coming. In this picture it is looking over it’s shoulder at us.


By the time I  got closer…it had taken flight and spent several minutes riding the thermals.


It is such a beautiful bird.


  1. Lucky you....seeing an Eagle! I've only seen one and it was at Yellowstone.

  2. We're lucky to have so many Bald Eagles in Florida—and you got a really good-looking one!

  3. Nice photos! It's always great to see an eagle.


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