Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Little Buddies....

I call these two my "Little Buddies"....  My cats eat from a feeder that is near the end of the deck...they have to jump into it...it has skirting around it to keep the Raccoons out. Each morning I change the food. It gets moldy quick in our hot humid weather....
I toss it in the weeds and my Little Buddies dig around for it and keep the weeds down. These two greet me every morning.
Look at me....arn't I cute?  You can toss me a slice of bread or an apple.

I'm still waiting.......

 This little guy waited until I finished filling the water bowls that are right below where he is standing....I'm hanging clothes on the line and he was checking to see if it was food.
These little guys are so cute....Sometimes they willl spend hours just sitting in the yard staring at the screenroom.

I don't toss the cat food where it is easy to get...they have to work for it...my little gardeners.

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  1. Very cute little buddies. They know you can't resist their pleading eye contact.


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