Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Raccoons at the “Frog Pond” 11.3.15

I have a cement frog pond that sits on the end of the deck. The rain water and condensation keep it full. It was intended for the cats and the Honey Bees but since it has been dry the Raccoons are using it.

There is lattice around the deck and they climb up it…here comes the first one.


guzzling away….


I am sitting in the screen room with the door open for pictures…I think he just noticed me.

019chere comes the next one….


Normally there is standing water all around us…but I checked when I saw they were using this and it is dry out there now.


There are 3 young Raccoons that come up for water…

028c   short video

I have a birdbath with a continual drip so it stays full….the Honey Bees, Birds, Squirrels and Cats use it. There is a birdbath on the ground that catches the overflow and some of the Raccoons drink there.

Here is the squirrel.

I have Giant Milkweed and Tropical Milkweed in pots around it on the ground. I pull the algae over the side and it drips into the plants.


My first Painted Bunting of the year….been coming in for about 2 weeks.


Always interesting when I have my morning coffee on the porch….the cats and I sit and watch the Raccoons, Birds, Squirrels and Doves.

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  1. Enjoyed the video of the young raccoons having a drink. I noticed when the first one left, it used it's hind toes, just like fingers, to ease back off the deck. They are so alert during daylight hours to any sign of danger. Have yet to see a Painted Bunting here so enjoy your pics of them.


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